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We help authors, screenwriters, and film and media producers not only in crafting or polishing their work, but also in the next stages where distributing, promoting, and selling their work are important. We also provide editing or proofreading services, script-writing, and even treatment creation services. For more information, please browse through our website.

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Allow us to help you become the bestselling author. If you have already written a manuscript, screenplay, or treatment, we will help you promote them and reach your target audience with our vast reach. Kindly send us your written work(s) today, so we can get started.

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Mission Statement

Our goal here at Martin and Bowman is to help authors promote their works and reach their target audience. As such, we aspire to be the leading books and film agents with global reach, as well as the ability to produce far better results for all types of projects.

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In the News! Publishing Industry Updates

The head of a Sudbury-based book publishing company says she's shifting launches online due to COVID-19.

Latitude 46 Publishing has been releasing books by emerging and established authors with a connection to northern Ontario since 2015.

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Do you have a specific genre in mind that you would love to read? Well, you’re in luck because you can now browse our collections by genre. Romance, horror, comedy, action, thriller—you name it! We got it all for you. Please take a moment to enjoy finding the ones that catch your interest.

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